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Monthly Archives: September 2007

It’s look like life is just all about it

Don’t think! Just follow your life

Some people try to make their life so complicated or too simple

They were wrong…

Just follow your life, dont let life follow you 🙂

AangAang is the fun-loving, 12-year-old protagonist of the series (technically he is 112 years old, due to his 100-year cryogenic freeze). He is the current incarnation of the Avatar, the spirit of the planet manifested in human form. As the Avatar, Aang must master all four elements to bring peace to the world and restore the balance between the Four Nations.Aang loves to travel the world and is always eager to learn new things. At times he is somewhat naïve of the world and others’ true feelings, as he is often too preoccupied with the events immediately surrounding him to notice what occurs on a more in-depth level.

KataraKatara is 14 years old, and the sole remaining Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. Katara, along with her brother, Sokka, discovers Aang at the beginning of the series. She and Sokka accompany him on his quest to defeat the Fire Lord and bring peace to the war-torn nations. Katara is mature, loving, and responsible. Always looking out for the well-being of others, she is an apt leader when the situation calls for one. However, she can be overbearing at times, and believes without exception that her way is the right way, never relenting on her views even when they are disproved. Despite Katara’s kind nature, she has a temper which, when combined with her impressive Waterbending skills and idealistic views, can be quite destructive. After the passing of their mother at the hands of the Fire Nation, Katara took on a motherly role over her older brother, Sokka, a nature that she later took to in relation to Aang. She is also the only person who can calm Aang down when he’s in the Avatar State.


Sokka is a 15-year-old warrior of the Southern Water Tribe who, with his sister Katara, accompanies Aang on his quest to defeat the Fire Lord. Sokka describes himself as “meat-loving” and “sarcastic.” Unlike his companions, Sokka cannot Bend an element. However, the series frequently grants him opportunities to demonstrate his true gift: ingenuity. He takes great pride in his mental and physical strength, though it is often overshadowed by others’ ability to Bend. He is extremely clever, relying on science where the mystical and martial arts elude him, though his silly and immature manner often causes others to underestimate his intellect.

TophToph Bei Fong is a 12-year-old, blind Earthbender who leaves her wealthy lifestyle and home to join Aang on his quest in order to teach him earthbending. Toph has largely lived alone all her life due to over protective parents, which makes her somewhat selfish, sarcastic, and, at times, bitter and arrogant. She also does not hesitate to speak her mind and be bluntly truthful. Though blind, Toph “sees” with Earthbending, feeling vibrations in the ground that objects make when moving. She also can use this ability to tell if people are lying by feeling the vibrations of their heartbeat. She is one of the world’s most accomplished and powerful Earthbenders, and can even bend metal—something no other Earthbender has ever done. However, this isn’t actually metalbending but earthbending. This is because in the metal are very tiny pieces of earth. Only Toph can bend Metal because she can feel the Earth, and with that, the tiny pieces of Earth in Metal.