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Refer to this link to prepare the instalation. Follow every steps mentioned. Here is the steps:

  1. Install openSUSE 11.0 with “C/C++ Development” selection.
  2. Download and Install orarun package. Enable and set password for newly created user oracle by orarun.
  3. Change some environment variables – ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID, TNS_ADMIN in /etc/profile.d/
  4. Set updated kernel parameters by executing /etc/init.d/oracle start or rcoracle start.
  5. Download and extract Oracle Oracle 11gR1 SW.
  6. login as user oracle and run Oracle Universal Installer “database/runInstaller“. Just follow step by step questions of Oracle installer.

On my experience the setup isn’t working after I try to login (from console) as “oracle” user and start installation (step 6).
The orarun setup create “oracle” user as “System Users” not as “Local Users”, so i decide to delete “oracle” user and make the user manually from Yast –> Security And Users –> User and Group Management. Set Default Group to “oinstall” and additional groups to “dba” and “disk”.

Add user 1 Add user 2

Note: Do not create user from console (using useradd command), the created user not registered with X Server (and i dont know how to register user with X Server 🙂 ), caused failed when try to start installation.

After “oracle” user is created, login as “oracle” user from console then start installation by typing “./runInstaller”. Just fill every required information, and keep press next or press yes if there’s prerequisite check warning, until installation is finished. After installation is finished we can browse to oracle database using Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control using address https://%5BHOST_NAME%5D:1158/em

Installation Screenshot
oracle01 oracle02

oracle03 oracle04

oracle05 oracle06

oracle07 oracle08

oracle09 oracle10

Starting Oracle database after Reboot/Restarting
Oracle 11g database is not automatically started when we turn on computer/laptop, this is steps to start oracle database:
1. Open console, login as “oracle” user

2. login to sqlplus, then type “STARTUP” to start database.

3. Exit from sqlplus (type “exit”)

4. Start Oracle Net Listener, type “lsnrctl start [LISTENER]”

5. Start Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control service, type “emctl start dbconsole”

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control Screenshot
oem01 oem02oem03


  1. Hi Gardiary,
    I’m Ageng from Indonesia.
    Nice post and usefully …
    Btw, Linux 11g support for OpenSuse 11 ? because last time I have install and appear message Oracle not support for this oracle version (OpenSuse 11) …
    Succes for You

  2. Hi geng.. gak masalah kok, support dan emg jalan.. kita bisa gak memperdulikan warning itu, klik next aja..

    Thanks, success for you too..

  3. Iya siih …
    pernah dlu install 10g juga gitu ada warning (cuma bukan versinya and klo nggak salah warning-nya karena Network Ethernet Cardnya (soalnya pakai VMWare hee …)) and begitu next .. next jalan deh … 🙂
    Ok deh moga bisa tetep sharing selalu
    Thanks ya
    Just Bravo-IT

  4. I’m sry been such rookie but i’m new to linux and what did u mean by “Change some environment variables – ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID……” how can i do that , “just editing the text file” but how ….
    what do i have to place in there..?.
    Can u post your
    Sometimes a picture says more than 1000 words..
    That will work for Oracle 10g and oS11.1 64bits…?

    Tks …

    • Hi, you can see my post here about setting environment in linux.
      But in this cases ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID… is already set in in /etc/profile.d .. i think orarun created the files.

      So if you want to change ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID… just open /etc/profile.d/ then edit the value (in console type “vi /etc/profile.d/” , as root). My setting is:

      and change “10.2” to “11.0” because the version is 11 not 10.2, acctually is up to you.

      I dont know about the 64 bit version, i think the basic is the same, just install Linux 64 bit with Oracle 64 bit 🙂 ..


  5. Hi,sorry to bother you. Ur post is very very useful.
    But I have a little problem that when I start to install 11g there is always popup error messages 「Error in invoking target ‘all_no_orcl’」. So I google it and install libstdc++33. But no working.My OS is opensuse11x86-64.
    I’ll appreciate if you can give any hints about this problem.

  6. I find the answer. In $oraclehome/lib32 have a missing file whit soft link 「 ->」.Copy 「filegroup14.jar」from database/Components/oracle.ctx/ and jar it U’ll get put into lib32 and reinstall.It’s works~ Sorry for this tiny Q to bother U.

  7. Hi Mika, thanks for your question and the answer it self. Maybe sometimes me or other will get the same problem.


  8. good article.

    about step 4 you mentioned oracle user not login with you because the bash login is set to false, set it to true in user & security in yast and every thing will work insha allah.


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