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I think people must to consider on using Hibernate as their database layer. You will learn knowledge about object oriented paradigm using Hibernate. How every entity in database act as an object that related each other.

This code or this show the most basic CRUD using Hibernate, not using complex relationship, only one entity. For GUI I use my favorite SWT framework. Download and change the extension to .zip. Then extract it and open using Eclipse.

Before run the application edit hibernate.cfg.xml to match your environment.


This is application that i had developed (for learning purposes) on 2006. I use SWT for GUI, I dont use any framework just plain java code. Feel free to explore and enjoyed. The codes is very old style (newbie style) :D, that’s why i called it old version. Next time i’ll come with different version of Sistem Lagu Top (Top Songs System) :D.. Thanks!

This is the source, after download change the extension to .zip. Extract then open and run it using Eclipse.

This is the databases, using oracle. After download change the extension to .dmp. Then import to your schema using this command (in the command line):

imp user/password@tns_name FILE=’sistemlagudb2008.dmp’ FULL=Y

Main class is org.halimun.SistemLaguTop. You may want to change class org.halimun.form.FormUtama line 59 and 61 to match your environment.

(Main Form)


(Form Data Lagu – Songs Window)

Data Lagu

(Form Data Album – Albums Window)

Data Album

(Form Data Penyanyi – Singers Window)

Data Penyanyi

(Form Tipe Lagu – Genre Window)

Tipe Lagu