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I am Java Professional and a dreamer.

Fact :
– I am Indonesian
– Why do i speak english? Just want to make this blog more universal
– This blog is only a notes for myself

I am open for any freelance job, that’s mean I don’t need to work on site and we don’t have to meet, we can only use IM. If we have the same thought and you think I’m suitable for your needs you can contact me at


  1. Hello uncle.. how are you.. do you remmember me. friend in icr.. 😀 it’s about 2 year we spent time together.. in icr.. hei.. when we fight again in warcraft3.. i’ts a long time.. ok that’s it see you uncle..

  2. hi.. nice to u too.. salam kenal juga… 😉

  3. Hello.
    I like very much some of yours post, specially :

    Installing Oracle 11g on openSUSE 11

    Current I’am starting with some friends of mine,
    and i ask to you if can put your blog in my “Blog roll” ?

    If you want to participate in our blog through the dissemination of events or anything else(or some fun story), I would really appreciate you simple contribution.

    Continue with yours posts i think that it has very quality. congratulations!


    • Hi,
      Yes you can put my blog in your blogroll.
      Thanks a lot for your support.

      Best regards,

  4. pls give a sample sql code for this appliation.

  5. Now , I am try to run song application(AclDemo), But , I have no any sql
    query . Pls give sql file to run this application .


    • Hi Masum,
      You can run class “acl.demo.util.SetUpACLDemoData”, before run the application.
      It will set up all data for this sample.


  6. Hi Gardiary, saya melihat profile anda di Apakah anda berminat untuk mengerjakan project berbasis Java di Jakarta? Apabila berminat, silakan email saya di Thanks



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