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This article is not for deploying web application outside “JBOSS_HOME” folder, if usually in JBoss to deploy our web application we put WAR file at “JBOSS_HOME\server\default\deploy” directory, i want to put it on let say “JBOSS_HOME\server\myserver\deploy” directory.

After googling sometimes I found that what I meant is change the JBoss default server configuration. Under “JBOSS_HOME\server” folder we can see folder like “all“, “default“, “minimal“, etc, that is as JBoss said is server configuration file set. With server configuration file set we can have alternate server configurations. You should read JBoss documents about how to configure the server.

To make another server configuration file set, just copy from existing server configuration to another name. Put your web application WAR  at “JBOSS_HOME\server\NEW_SERVER\deploy” directory, then run this from console:

JBOSS_HOME\bin\run.bat -c NEW_SERVER